Help Needed STT on Bank nifty Excercise

I have bought 1 lot 27400 CE bank nifty option at 2.17 rs today , i didnt square it off , and bank nifty closed at 27406 today , What would be STT ? is it 0.1252640640 /100 =1320 rs/- , when i asked to Zerodha Customer Care they said, by default ’ Do no excercise ’ will be there?? please guide me… do i need to pay 1320 rs now???

Until a few months ago, you would have had to pay that STT. But now exchanges have introduced a concept of “Do not exercise” if options expire in the money for a broker to select.

IF you are trading at Zerodha, we would have opted do not exercise on this strike price as STT is much more than intrinsic value of option. By doing this, your option would expire at 0, but you will not need to pay STT. CHeck this thread

Awesome, saw contract note, no STT, you guys rock … thank you so much sir :smile: