Help needed understanding practical options trade

Okay so i read all about options trading and how it works but can someone give me example how do i actually enter into the trade. Spare me i am new to options trading :see_no_evil::pray:
For Example/reference-
Nifty closed today at 10096
Now assuming i know for sure that tommorow nifty will cross 10150
What is the instrument that i should enter…? Nifty CE?

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Yes. You have to take position in one of Nifty CE.

NIFTY CE what? There are so many CE available which specific should i enter assuming the above example. I may sound lame sorry :sweat_smile:

Where did you read about Options? I’d suggest you take a look at the content here -

Yes, you could buy a CE. However, if you think the volatility is high and the premiums have swelled, you could think of selling the puts as well.

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you should buy Nifty CE 10150. nifty just crossing 10150 may not give you profit. when you buy Nifty CE 10150, you will be giving some premium for this . So nifty should cross above (10150 + premium paid amount) for you to make profit.

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In the above case which you mentioned You can consider taking position in 10100 CE. That is “At the Money” CE. As per my knowledge most of the option traders consider to take “At the money” options per trading naked.

Note : I have very less knowledge in option trading. Naked option trading is very risky as per my knowledge.

first tel us do you want to buy an option or sell/write an option. we assume that you know the risks involved as you say you have read about it, then we can tel you our practical experiences so you can make an informed decision to enter into trade.

Hi Sujal,
You have to buy NIFTY call option at a certain strike Price . The middle row in black (NSE link given below) are the strike prices and column LTP shows the current premium you have to pay to buy the option at that strike price. For e.g. NIFTY 10100 CE (call) is trading at 79.85. So you will have to pay Rs. 79.85 * 75(75 is the quantity in 1 lot of NIFTY.) to buy 1 lot of NIFTY CE option. You can buy multiple lots.

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