Help required! Excel

There should be somebody in this forum who could help me out.

I have a link to excel sheet, whereby I can track my live positions directly in excel.
What I really need?


If mtm cell hits a specific value say, 3000, then, it should give a popup/notification/or stop calculating the cell.

I only know few basics of conditional formatting whereby I build this sheet from scratch.
I can apply a condition, say, Cell I1

The issue is, it ll reflect TGT hit, but I ll never know, if I failed to look at the cell. I want to stop, the conditional calculation, once it fulfils the condition. Means, tgt hit, should stay as text, not vanished if value goes less than 3000.

This will help me to capture moves on overall positions instead of waiting for tgts on single positions.

Please spare a little of your time to help a fellow Tqna out. I know this forum is filled with smart men.

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May be you can try with “stop if true” conditional formatting option.

nope! doesn’t work.

First change the excel Options as below

Tools>Options>Formula>Enable Iterative calculation.
and set max iteration to at least 1.

Then enter this circular reference Formula in the Cell L1 →
=IF(L1=“TGT Hit”,“TGT Hit”,IF(L2 >=3000, “TGT Hit”, “”))

If the above doesn’t work, maybe you will require a VBA code, Try and comment if this worked.


I am trying your method. and thanks for your time. Could you please simplify as to a dummy!


What I am trying here-
on cell O3, the formula input is =IF(L3>=3,“TGT hit”,"")
L3 refers to net mtm% change. I want to be alerted when overall positions hit 3R/3%. Currently, as of now it surpass 3%, but I can missed out totally if I am not on screen.

Appreciate your time here, but I really need this. I am a bit confused on your circular reference formula. Could you please, please use the cells I am using. ie L3 & O3.


Edit ( see issue: when hit >=3%, cell O3 lits TGT hit. But it changes, accordingly with reference to cell L3. I want it to stop at TGT hit, and let it remain static. )

Try this Formula in the Cell O3 →
=IF(O3=“TGT Hit”,“TGT Hit”,IF(L3 >=0.03, “TGT Hit”, “”))

How did you do this? i mean linking exel to your portfolio and position?

you can use fyers or sasonline for linking to excel. Currently using sas alphatrader ( it is similar to what zerodha used to offer - pi").

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Thanks a bunch C…

I am so noob! hours of trying to get it right, and still get this.