Hi can any one code this for me for zrodha pi, i dont know whether it is possible or not. Thank you in advance

  • Trading according to CNX-Nifty 5min-chart with Stochastic-Oscillator (5,3,3)
  • Say nifty is Trading at 8500 then

I will trade in      NFO, Option Index, Nifty 8600CE

NFO, Option Index, Nifty 8600PE


  • Buy 8600CE when %K Crosses above %D In Nifty 5min Chart
  • Sell 8600CE When %k Crosses Below %D In Nifty 5min Chart


  • Buy 8600PE when %K Crosses Below %D In Nifty 5min Chart
  • Sell 8600PE When %k Crosses Above %D In Nifty 5min Chart

open the required chart in 5 minute time frame


crossover(SOPK(5,3,3, SIMPLE),SOPD(27,3,27, SIMPLE))


crossover(SOPD(27,3,27, SIMPLE),SOPK(5,3,3, SIMPLE)) 

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Not possible, yet!

is it possible in amibroker afl codes???