Hi, I am not clear how to place a Trailing stop loss order

You mean technically by looking into the chart, or you mean you do not know to punch trail stop order?


Comment if you are still confused with the above blog.

Also search in tradingqna. There are so many posts on this.

The format which is explained is different from the type I am using now.

TSL is similar to your stop order, punch your TSL price just the way you punch your stop price.

is there any chance to modify stop loss for completed orders

No, if ur stop order is triggered, it means that u r stopped and ur position is closed. why would u want to modify a completed/triggered order?

Could you elaborate?
What software are you using?
TSL is a feature inbuilt into bracket orders of zerodha. If you are from some other broker, please specify.

I have rectangular window which opens to place a order (Sell 0r Buy)

If you could post the screenshot, I will try to help you.
Save the screenshot in your pc and click the picture icon by editing your answer and upload the image and send it to the server.
Refer this http://tradingqna.com/10573/how-to-insert-jpg-image-in-trading-q%26a