Hi zerodha! I am new and beginner. Pls someone help me

Hi zerodha! I am new and beginner. I just opened account to KNOW abt trading than doing Trading. So pls any expert guide/help me how can I know everything abt trading. I dont know anything than basics but I can grab everything quikly plsss …

I dont know anything about derivative, intraday, F&O, commodity, currency . I only know abt equity basics that too by surfing net. PLS HELP ME TO TAKE A STEP

Guys - I am not commerce student. I didnt have any political economical knowledge/interest. I am just asking you to help me to LEARN/STUDY to get Know about trading and what is it ? how it works ? how people make money without doin nothing ? what makes profit ? and all the things.

Start by reading some of the good books suggested on 


Go through interviews of successful traders 


Get your self acquainted with the Nest Trader 


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Most Important - We traders don't make money without doing anything.


@Law Cesc,

Most of the people start like you (without any guidance from family and friends). But its all in the game. If you are keen like you said, you will learn things faster.

Learning the hard way is the best solution, Take some 5000 rupees and start experimenting with the money. Use stop loss orders to prevent losses more than 100 to 200 rupees, and check out how you are reacting. Meanwhile go through all the all blog posts in zconnect and the Q&As here in this forum.

Rest you will come to know, if you do this.

P.S: I remember the very first trade I made, I did not know how to react (chased from behind in a losing position) and lost around 13k in my first trade. So read about stop loss orders before you start trading (link below)

Thanks ajay. I am just asking to know the basics of trading not want to expert… Please don’t mistake me - what I was trying to ask here is from where who’s money is derived ? is profit here only by betting ?

Trading is not same as betting. It is a serious profession, a full time business.
In trading money moves from accounts of people who don’t know what they are doing to accounts of people who know what they are doing.
Money moves from accounts of people who are betting to accounts of professionals.
While one may occasionally win, in order to win consistently and make money over period of time, one has to take trading seriously.