Hidden Charges in Zerodha?

Do Zerodha charges any extra against DP charges? For DP Charges it charges 13.5 right? But in my account it has been charging as 15.93. Why so?

Example: Bought Sintex Ind @29.95 per equity *1000= 29950
Sold @30.95 = 30950

                                  Turnover          60900
                                  Brokerage               0
                                  STT total               61
                         Total txn charge               1.98
                                            GST              0.36
                                    SEBI charges       0.09
                                Stamp Duty (AP)      3.05
                                   DP Charges        13.5
                        Total tax and charges    79.98
                          Points to breakeven       0.06                                      
                      **Net profit 920.02*

Is this calculation correct


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It’s 13.5+18% GST. Check this post to know more about why DP charges are levied.


But is the 18% standard? I find DP charges on my account as 14.75, which means a GST of 9.26% is charged. Can you clarify this?

Hi, @LeninNair, You are charged Rs.14.75 because you hold an IL&FS demat account, where:
IL&FS Charges - Rs.8/-
NSDL Charges - Rs.4.50/
Total charge: 12.50 *18% = Rs. 14.75/-

@Bhuvan that means its better to have IL&FS Demat than zerodha Demat???

IL&FS DP charges - 14.75
Zerodha DP charges - 15.93

We don’t open IL&FS demat accounts anymore now that Zerodha is a DP with CDSL.

Reduce the charges :stuck_out_tongue:

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