Hide/show watchlist as side bar


Would recommend a enhancement for Kite web. There should be an option to hide/show the watchlist side bar. This way we can resize the browser window and the positions text does not scroll.

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This is under consideration, others will stay this way. For more space for charts one can use popout charts.

thank you Siva. that is so good to hear. any ETA until when we can expect cloud sync?

you know this is most important feature for Technical Analysis traders, just few days ago Google release new version of Chrome Android and they changed root directry for Android Webkit which deleted all my layouts given Kite uses Android Webkit to display charts, if we had cloud sync feature, recovering all analysis would’ve been easy peasy.

Yeah, there is always this option but we can’t view watchlist when we pop out chart. Maybe you can add Watchlist feature to popped out charts?

Can use multi chart layout, can add 8 stocks at a time to TVcharts and can enlarge single chart when one want to view it.

Any idea when the watchlist hide/show feature will be avl ?

No plans of doing that.

When you are going to increase watchlist ? Upstox doesn’t has any limit for watchlist.

One thing I like about kite is you dont have to select watchlist from list. But we need more watchlist because I keep Equity, futures and options in different watchlist.

But I need few more to add certain companies which I want to keep seperate.

Can you take that as feature request. When seeing multiple windows, I half the size of the browser. Having full space avl for positions will avoid the word wrapping which happens when we resize the browser window.

Yeah, this is in our list.

Unfortunately it is not possible with the design or architecture we use.