High Leverage Option Writing Brokers?

Experienced traders in this platform can you please share the platform you use for option writing? Can you please tell me which brokers provide the most leverage and what are the charges? I plan on opening an account just purely for option writing and allocate may be 3L initially, How much leverage will be provided with this capital and also is it necessary to close the positions on expiry day? (Because this would result in an additional 3-5% brokerage) Thanks.

ICICI DIrect provides good leverage ,but only intraday(expiry day)…it’s called option plus ,leverage is very good…keep in mind margin depends on your stop loss …charges are also low…i guess Rs5 per lot or something like that …check here

What is the margin without stoploss? Is it normal or it it still better than others?

As far as i know you have to put a stoploss ,it’s a must to trade in option plus…
say for example you short nifty 9000 ce at say 50 , and you put a stoploss of say 150,you have to pay a margin of 150x75=11250 ,if stoploss at 200 then margin will be 15000
Better ask the broker i don’t have an account with them
See not many people provide that kind of leverage … be careful

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