High "Other Expenses" in quarterly report

What are Other expenses account for in quarterly reports? Which all expenses can be included as Other expenses? What if the company is showing really high other expenses?

Which company?
Those expenses may not be related to the core business of the company.

I am not asking about specific company. In general, what companies can show in other expenses? Expansion of a plant ??

These are Capex, There is no impact in Profit & Loss… instead it will show in the Balance sheet.

Two types of Expenditure in nature: Capital Expenditure(Capex) & Revenue Expenditure.

Any expenditures related to the acquisition of assets like land, buildings, machinery,Property equipment,investment in shares etc with a long term perspective/benefits will be considered as an asset & will be capitalized for hence will not effect the Profit & Loss Account.

I appreciate your reply. Then what other expenses contains???