High volatility day triggers TGT as well as SL

So, I had been holding ADANIPORTS for sometime. I had bought it around 388 with a SL of 377 and TGT of 412. Today, I woke up a little late and checked the charts to see that it was trading at 411, but I also noticed that it had formed a Low of 374. Now, I consider myself “lucky” that I woke up late but what if I was there when it formed the low? Should I have exited the trade or held on as I knew it was going to be a volatile day (GUJARAT elections’ results day)?

I was having the same view as you are mentioned , volatility would have sucked you , if you are in front of the trading system , i was expecting lower side for the market , i was prepared to buy Pfizer on market crash ( as many time market gave me a chance to buy on market crash during big events) & it gave me a good chance at 1955 & reached a high of 2010 after i bought it.

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Interesting point.
So, I is it better to hold off from booking losses on such big event days and check how the market performs on T+1?

I have found that , actually buying before a big event is not a good idea , unless that particular good stock deep in the profit & also TA is of great help to decide buy or sell

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