High volume in NIFTYBEES at 9:15

Hi everyone, I have a basic question since I am new to trading.

I saw the 1-minute chart of NIFTYBEES and am seeing that the price fluctuation and volume are quite high exactly at 9:15. What is happening here?

If you see the chart below, the volume is 65K and the price fluctuation was also high. Can anyone help me understand what is happening here?

Hi @Noob2, looks nothing surprised here since these kind of movement at the opening is common. Most likely, large quantity order has hit at the open and depth is swaped.

Note: ETFs are not allowed in Pre-market so all AMO’s and regular orders hit exchanges at 9:15am.


Thanks @Ananth

One question: What would happen in this case if someone places a LIMIT order at 9:00 or 9:01? Would the order go through?

ETF’s are not allowed in Pre-market so order get rejected. AMO’s will be sent at 9:15AM.

But, AMOs are not allowed for ETFs !

My bad, yes.

Got it.

Is it possible to place a limit order which executes at the market’s opening?

This is common so don’t stress about it.