Hilarious Conversation with a paid tips provider

Sharing conversation with a trading tips provider.

I am not sharing the contact details etc to identify this tips provider, just a hint “he claims to recover your losses within very short period of time”

Later he deleted all the images that he posted (having mentioned huge returns etc)…

Shared just to see how they convince client to pay.

Disclaimer: I am not claiming whether he is genuine or fraud. Just sharing for educational purpose.

Since its very long whatsapp chat, uploaded on imgur:

If you have any funny experience with tips provider, share in the comments


You just butchered that guy :joy:

Hahaha… read the whole conversation. Enjoyed a lot…

Assured returns means fraud call.

I really enjoyed the conversation - 100% profit + 11K registration charges extra also you were ready to pay :slight_smile: @Suhel_Khan

Big question is how do this people get our mobile no.Thanks to Truecaller most of the times I know with whom I am talking.

Oh Boy… enjoyed it…lol… unbelievable that many people still fall for this…

I also get the call for giving huge profits in short span of time.I said if you give calls I will give you double registration fees afterwards​:grinning::grinning:.

Fake tipsters wont even get a space in hell

Not all tipsters are fake. Some have paid calls to keep an exclusive client base and ensure that their calls aren’t copied elsewhere. I’ve tried one of them (who was highly recommended by a friend of a friend) recently and got good returns. However, people who contact you by themselves with big promises and tall claims are usually fake/fraud.

If you’re vella enough to do all this then gbu you’re going nowhere! :triumph:

hahahahah sadist

Poor guy he missed the good offer :grinning: just for 2 to 3 free call

Exactly. I hv been using zerodha only since I learned trading and suddenly started getting lots of messages with stock tips, let us handle ur account kind of messages.