Historical data for Nifty 50 stocks

Is it possible to download historical data of ALL Nifty 50 stocks with minimum clicks?

I know it is possible to download today list of ALL Nifty 50 stocks with OHLC% and historical list for each stock individually.

I would like to download ALL nifty 50 stocks performance for last 1 year.

Thank you.

Thank you

I want to download for last 1 year. Not for one day

You can download this data easily
(Open this link in Desktop mode)

it gave only one day details

one complete year, day by day like around 250 lines per stock.

With the TV premium plan you can export to excel. Infact you can plot any indicator or custom indicator on the charts and then export that too to get daily values over many years. Then u can use excel to get granular., run probability tests, look for cross correlations, analyze mean reversion behaviors etc

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Thank you