Historical Data for Trading

How to get chart Data of 15Min of 10 Years, i need exact data after split, bonus as exist on chart. Zerodha Chart IQ Allowing to download but for 10 years data it is taking much time is there any alternative.

Get that using API.

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can you explain briefly @rajnivp . How to download through API

You can call historical data endpoint with parameters like symbol, start date, end date, timeframe etc and get it in json format which you can convert and export to csv/excel etc.

Can you help me in api historical data, i don’t have technical background.

how to download historical data from chart IQ?

I can share sample code to get the historical data from kite.

See section ‘Chart data to Excel’: What are the features available on the new Chart IQ?

You can get the complete information here: https://documentation.chartiq.com/