History of 8 in stock market

Somebody told me that tomorrows date total is 8 i.e. 2+6+0+6+2+0+1+9
That guy said that check the history 8 is very dangerous for stock market and tomorrow market is going to fall

Can anyone indiacate what he tries to say by the figure 8 in market??

I think that somebody was just joking with you or trying to fool you.

I don’t think just that much can mean anything. Because a date adding up to 8 happens every 9 days once… so last Monday’s date was also 8. Then 9 days before that and so on.

It’s not a rare event. I think you get at least 30-40 dates that add up to 8 every year.



Fun fact: After every 10 every ten calendar days you get a day which totals up to 8.

Are you really serious with this question or you are just trying to make a joke? I mean, is this guy completely crazy or dangerously serious? Stock market is financial market where serious traders are executing trades, it has nothing to do with this kind of stories which you are mentioning

I am more than sure it’s just somebody else joke no matter how you put it really. Please make no mistake about that. It’s really do not usefull to listen just to somebody, have no fear and panic, all will be fine no matter what no matter how you put it.