Holding Discrepancies in Zerodha

The Buy Average from Zerodha Holdings show me a N/A. Zerodha asks me to add trades manually. In the manual order, Zerodha displays a “Avg. Price” box. Where can I get this “Avg. Price” from?

Since I transferred from ICICIDirect, I have two values “Transaction Price” and “Avg. Cost Price”. I feel the Avg. Cost Price is the right amount. How can I confirm? The reason this is important that trade orders entered manually - once confirmed - can not be edited later.

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You can refer to the contract notes you would have received to determine the price.

Where can I find the contract notes in ICICI Direct? I’m a little bit lost here.

You can refer to your email, they should have sent it when you invested. If they have this feature like on Console to download contract notes, you can also do so from their backoffice software.