Holding "Google" "Apple" and "Microsoft" shares for life? What you think about it?

The valuation of “Google” “Apple” and “Microsoft” are already raised a lot since March. But my question is what you think about the idea of buying and holding “Google” “Apple” and “Microsoft” share (1 each) for life?

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Instead of doin that just hold the gold and silver fut. and roll it over.:smile: much safer and much more profit you can get​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I don’t have experience in F&O. Also, uncle Warren Buffet has told “Futures and options are the weapons of mass destruction”. So, I just avoid it.

I do have 28% of my money on Gold ETFs and SGB. Also, I do like to double the amount of Gold I have.

But equities in 10 years always beat Gold and other investments, right?

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you can compare it. you are totally right my friend equities can beat the gold but the question is which one? google,apple,microssoft. sure all are great and giant in their sector. but your span of investment is not acceptable for me :grimacing::grimacing:.just my thinking brother that we all should know the exit plans of ours.dont just putt your money in it for life time. “logo ki janam janam ki shadiya nahi tikti ye to fIr b pesa he jaane ko taiyar rehta he”
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But I do think, companies like Google can last next 100 years. Their Earnings Per Share would grow. Since, millions of people using it and they will continue to do so (most probably).

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Once upon a time Nokia was a mobile leader
Once upon a time Kodak was a camera leader
Now where there are?

We should not invest based on past performence of a company !

Anything can happen.


your wish bro. your money :moneybag: .

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True. You can include Boeing as well. Once Yahoo was more valuable than Google. https://gadgets.ndtv.com/internet/news/when-yahoo-refused-to-buy-google-for-1-million-865458

And Myspace fails to buy Facebook - https://www.businessinsider.com/2009/1/myspace-passed-on-buying-facebook-for-75-million

But, I’m not saying one should put all their money in 1 stock. I said Google, Apple, Microsoft, and other MNCs can be one of the stocks in the portfolio of the long term investors. I don’t think all of them will fail.

How about remembering P&G, Ford Motor Company, 3M and many others who are continually innovating. Equities are the drivers of economy, even if we colonize mars. Buffett Granpa has been my mentor for quiet sometime. With the edge in F&O, it is tough not to have a finger on the trigger of mass destruction :wink:

On a serious note, F&O is there to mitigate the risks so we can buy and sell all the equities we want at the moment we want. They are used to create liquidity, and transfer risks to those who can hold them. Buffett wanted the retail traders, who have minimal knowledge about the risky instruments, to stay away from such risk bearing or transferring assets.

Think about the consequences of writing a put option in a falling market. Not a good sign… Newbies are capable of many things, and writing options is one among them…

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Exactly. Many such examples are there, like our own Micromax, Lava, Karbonn. All were not able to sustain the market.

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You never know, when some company could provide better service and perhaps someday we would not be requiring these services.

I would rather suggest booking profits periodically.

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I guess these companies manufactured their mobiles in Chinese factories. They didn’t innovate and spend money on research and development. Those Chinese factories later entered India with their own brands.

Please don’t compare Micromax with Microsoft :upside_down_face:

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