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Is possible for a person who is totally unknown in this field to gain knowledge?

The one who knows ,he does not know, can only have the opportunity to know. the one who thinks he knows, for him is living a lie and can never know.

Possible but require lots of effort and commitment. If the basic education is there (that is simple maths) with an incredibly desire to learn then anyone can gain the knowledge.

Given the information flow we have now a days I would recommend

  1. Understand what is the underlying meaning of stocks, FX, Commodities, interest rates.
  2. How is the global market setup for this industry
  3. What contributes to a country economy (GDP) , inflation and country position in the global economic ranking e.g…, India is now
  4. How a payment work and how banks work in that particular country
  5. Trading is not about just pushing a button a hell lot of work to be done once someone decide to trade. Hence, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, money management(i.e., risk management, position sizing, risk:reward appetite) are the mandatory stuffs to learn
  6. Then finally the personality type it requires patience, knowledge, guts, and at the same time power to let go(when you get stopped out)

I would recommend watch lots of you tube videos, get publicly available information to calculate some of the things (e.g…, historical volatility and normal distribution, implied volatility, ATR), position sizing etc…this will take easily about 6 months(provided everyday you are putting 4-5 hours of effort) and invest in knowledge (not the typical trading educators you see in internet like I made daily x$ in two hours etc…(those are fake)).

totally! i’m totally new just like u & learning everyday :slight_smile:
like any other field be passionate . goal should not be money . (believe me if main goal is to make money quick you would end up losing everything real quick ) . emotional brain / under pressure can not make right decision . goal should be learning skill of trading. make lot of mistakes lots of them , fail many times , try try & try again :slight_smile:

start with baby steps : like reading basic books on trading , zerodha varsity , articles , investopedia, watch youtube videos , business channels . try to understand market concepts , jargons etc . follow market like a shadow understand factors affecting market , effect of news , earnings etc on market

then make own system . follow the trend , use stop loss . backtest it . then paper trade without real money.

after u become fully confident then start using real money .


Thanks for BOOSTING me.

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Yes, 14 years back I knew nothing about market. But I was curios to know more. So I guess as long as you have the curiosity, you can learn. I’d suggest you start with Zerodha Varsity - https://zerodha.com/varsity/


All the best! Don’t blow up soon though!

Before you do anything watch this !

Good Luck!


most welcome :smile:


Everyone here starts from zero only.
Those who have some knowledge today might have started from zero in the past.

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Hi thanks for sharing
I am the student of online trading Academy hi mr joe I want to know about this institution as you have mentioned is it worth?and give me your mail ID there I can contact you

Everyone are not born genius in any field. If the person have interest then he can learn and can shine in this field. You can start your basics from Zerodha Varsity tutorials as well. Also trading is completed based on News about the company. So the person should always have to gather news daily at the earliest about the company.