Hourly indicator says strong sell but daily says strong buy

I went to investing.com and saw technical analysis of couple of stocks…

I am confused…
5 min. 15 min. 30 min and Hourly indicator shows ‘strong sell’
but daily and weekly as well as monthly indicator shows ‘strong buy’

What does that mean?

There is nothing wrong with the Technical Indicators. I think you have some doubt about how Technical Indicator works.

Technical Indicators are the Mathematical Functions which take input such as (Open, High, Low, Close) and Volume for selected time frame candle/chart.

As you change the time frame these values are bound to change. Hence Technical Indicators will be producing different results.

Example : 50 T Simple Moving average (SMA) will take the OHLC data of last 50 trading session.

T -> Time Frame.

50 (1Day) SMA of scrip will be different than 50 (15Min) SMA of scrip. This is main reason you are getting the different trend on different time frame.