how can i buy physical gold delivery

how can I buy physical gold and gets its delivery

here is all you need to know I want to know about delivery in mcx gold and silver and what are the charges on it?

All the links in referenced answer return 404 not found error

Very few brokers allow physical delivery of commodities and Zerodha too doesn’t allow that. Better to just roll over your FNO position or square off and buy physical gold from vendors like Paytm


Why does Zerodha don’t allow MCX Silver physical delivery? Any specific reason?

I just want to know how physical delivery of gold/silver works ?
Like will it be delivered directly to your place ? How does this work ?
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Even I can’t find it in MCX website.

Maybe this was what u were looking for…

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Not an expert on this, but globally, there are specific warehouses were deliveries are done. That is specified in the contract itself, by when, where, etc.

Recently read a report about how people were caught using fake warehouse receipts, cos the checking was not very strict :joy:

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