How can I filter stocks by the largest daily ranges in terms of %?

Considering a situation where a stock moved up 3% from the previous close and then moved to 3% below that of the previous close (implying a range of 6% intraday) and is now somewhere back near the previous close, it would go unnoticed if one just happens to check top gainers and top losers even though its been making such big moves.

Checking stocks with the highest volumes on the day could help pick out such stocks but is there a place i can directly filter out stocks with the biggest range in terms of %? This might sound a bit naive but my startegy is based around trading those stocks that make the big moves. Any reply would be greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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From nse site you can download in excel and insert formula.

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Download days High - Low prices for stocks that you want to calculate difference in, then in excel subtract High - Low then divide the value you get with stocks LTP * 100 you will get % difference.

Eg. Nifty is at 11950, made high of 11000 and low of 10900, so 11000-10900=100.

So, 100/11950*100=0.91

So, 0.91 is your % difference.

It’s very easy if you know your way around excel or Google sheets.

You can download all data through NSE’s website.


Thank you ! It works :smiley::smiley:

You can also directly get it here:

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I get live data (almost live,delayed by a few minutes in practice) from Google instead of from NSE and use it on the same day.

This video helped a lot.

Thank you !

Primarily I look to enter big trends on a pullback.I’m wary of false breakouts and don’t always like to enter trades at new highs or lo But if it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a trend day, i rely on my instincts to scalp relatively small moves on those stocks with decent daily ranges. If the daily range is too low,then the brokerages become too big for me to make any profits while scalping.

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This is helpful in simple cnc trading, too. Biggest gainers and losers with highs and lows helps in buying or short selling. Good company with high volume is better. If you start at 10am chances of cnc intraday are also v high.

Try this. When overall market is down, select from high volume losers as per your budget and buy popular co. shares at 10am or thereafter whenever price is near lowest of the day. Finish trading by 2.30pm. Reverse strategy for short selling.