How can I find differnt syntax and logic for indicator combinations in Streak

Is there a way for me to learn different possible combinations of Streak Strategies based on my specific indicator and how I can implement strategies?

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@Streak Could you help with this query?

I think this new Chart to Backtest feature will help you. just use the kite chart iq beta and plot the indicator on the chart. Then now if you click on the Streak logo then it will show you the conditions based on the combination of indicators plotted on the chart and give out a strategy in the outcome.

@Tradeinpeace you are correct. @AnuragB You can use the CTB feature to find different possible combinations. The chart to backtest(CTB) converts the plotted chart into a set of conditions and generates a backtest result. Refer to the following link to learn about the chart to backtest feature- Chart To Backtest - Streak Help

You can also refer to the Discover scanner and Strategy feature and learn about multiple strategies that our experts have created on various indicators for user educational purposes. Dashboard - Streak Help

We also have in-detail videos present on the Streak YouTube channel based on different trading concepts and different indicators and a well-documented manual about Streak features and its functions. Refer to the following link-

Streak YouTube channel:
Streak manual:
Streak Blogs: