How can I get hourly chart of NIFTY from way back?

I want to get hourly chart for NIFTY for the year 2014. Zerodha Kite shows data Jan 2015 onwards, is there some way I can get hourly chart for NIFTY from that time. Also for free.

I did try this using kite api and you are right, any data before 2014 appears to be available only for daily time frame.


So, is there a way to get it? Like maybe some other platforms like Dhan, Angel One etc offer it? Or exclusive chart providers which are competitors of Trading View offer it?

Lots of people do historical analysis so it would be hard to assume that this data is simply not available but maybe available at a different place than regular

If you can find it on any other broker charts, we can try using their api.

But please note, market regime keeps changing for ever and data from 10 years back may not be relevant anymore, or accurately shows the present conditions or future returns.

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