How can I see one day change in the all new Coin app?

It was there is previous version, we were able to see the percentage change of one day for each fund, but now we can not.

Help me with this.

The idea with Mutual funds is not to track one day changes, that defeats the purpose of investing in a Mutual fund. @Bhuvan would probably be able to give you insights.

Thanks, but it was quite insightful.

You can just open the Mutual Fund page and check how much it changed.

If only i have to do so much work, what’s the need of coin app then? Along with investments, it’s major task is also to show good insights of funds.

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You can see it on the individual fund page

Ok thanks, that helped me.

Any reason why you didn’t notice it? Asking as a feedback.

I didn’t expected to be on the fund page, earlier it was on the fund detail screen, so i got little frustated.

But good work with the UI, keep going.