How Can I Trade For Short-Term Trading (3-4 Days) via Options Buying


Is it possible to trade Short-Term Trading (Holding For 2-4, 7, Days) by buying options ?

My main concern is about theta (Time-Decay) ,

Will Time Decay Eat all of my profits gained in the holding days (2-4 Days) ??

Should I go with the last available date (expiring after 2-3 months ) of the contract ? (Wonder about the Liquidity though in this case)…

(Kindly mind that Option Selling/Writing is not a choice in this scenario)

Thanks in advance

you can do positional trading with options but as you pointed out theta will certainly have effect on value of option, if it is far away from expiry then there might not be much theta decay but options closer to expiry will see it a lot… your idea to buy options which are far away from expiry is good but there isn’t much liquidity and you will lose a lot in impact costs.

even options closer to expiry will give you good returns but the move in your direction should happen quickly else you will lose to theta decay, if it is late move then it has to be big move so you can make profits.

i think best way to analyse how it will work will be to analyse by plotting your position in option strategy builder, that will give you clear picture.

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Yes, you can hold Options position for multiple days and exit whenever you want before expiry.

Far month contracts do not have much liquidity.

You can use Strategy Builder on Sensibull to analyse your strategy and see how changes in Greeks affect your strategy.

You can aslo read this module on Varsity to understand more about Options and Greeks:

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