How can I use the relation between Open Interest and Volume for Futures trading?


General market view is that if there is movement of a stock/future in a particular direction accompanied by increase in volume and OI (open interest), such moves are more convincing and vice versa.

So I guess the best way would be to go back and backtest the particular future/stock that you are tracking, and see if in the past moves that had increased OI and volume, actuatlly lasted longer or not.


Long Unwinding and Short covering WRT to Open Interest and Volume

If the price comes down and open interest reduces/decreases then we can say there is long unwinding.
if the price goes up and open interest reduces then there is short covering on the future.


Increase in Prices + Increase in Open Interest (OI) = Strongly Bullish

Decrease in Prices + Increase in OI = Strongly Bearish

Increase in Prices + Decrease in OI = Mildly Bearish

Decrease in Prices + Decrease in OI = Mildly Bullish

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