How can market Capitalisation of SBI, ITC, HDFC,etc can rise so much?

I am new to stock markets, so mind my noobness.

I was reading an article on Economic Times about the recent bull run of top companies during 23-27 July week. The article shows an increase in m-cap of 1-2 lakh crores for all companies but the changes in the stock prices have been in the range of +20-60 pts. So, how can there m-cap can rise from few thousand crores to lakh crores?


According to my understanding the numbers shown in the article don’t kind of add up.

Market capitalisation = Share price x Outstanding shares

Change in ITC m-cap: Rs 35,129.72 crore to Rs 3,69,259.15 crore
Change in SBI m-cap: Rs 22,891.57 crore to Rs 2,55,778.68 crore
Change in HDFC m-cap: Rs 11,712.2 crore to Rs 3,45,563.52 crore

This is combined increase in value of all shares.

The price change multiplied by the number of outstanding shares gives the total value of the change in marketcap.

Looks like you are beginner, suggest you start here to understand how the markets work