How can we find equity oriented balance funds?

They are many balanced funds but how do we find out if it is counted in equity oriented?I know for a fund to be counted in equity oriented minimum of 65% funds should be in equity

But lets take an example of birla sunlife balanced funds

The fund targets only 60% from equity

But has invested more than 65%

So will it be counted in Equity oriented or Debt oriented?

When this scheme was launched, as per the prevalent tax laws the criteria for a mutual fund to be considered as an equity oriented mutual fund scheme, the amount of money invested in stocks should be 60% and above. Since, this scheme was launched in 1995 thus the Scheme Information Document has mentioned the target allocation as 60:40. The information provided in the SID will not be edited once it has been published. If there is any sort of modification then it would be mentioned in a Statement of Additional Information (SAI). But, since this not a change implemented by SEBI but by the IT department thus the AMC has not released a SAI mentioning the modification of the target allocation.

As per the current tax laws, if the amount invested in stocks is 65% and above then the fund is considered as an equity oriented mutual fund scheme. In most of the equity oriented balanced funds schemes the allocation of money in equities is more than 70%.

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Thanks for the info :slight_smile: