How can we predict the stock price movement?

What are the things we should take into account to predict the price movement of a stock for a particular day or period?

Predicting the stock price movement, is like searching for the holy grail :slight_smile:

You can use your gut feeling( can also be called reading the tape), or also use analysis like technical, fundamental, quantitative and others.

So yeah, your question is quite broad and you need to get specific with it.


Predicting stock prices is same as predicting one’s life happenings. As each individual has got their own unique kundli, one needs to prepare kundli for each security on their own.

I believe prediction of stock prices involves creation of two kundlis:

1)Long term kundli 2)Short term kundli.

Long term kundli involves study of Fundamentals of the company, Astrological aspect of the company.

Short term kundli involves study of Quantitative Study(Price movement patterns, Volume/Price relation, Pivot etc) and Technical Analysis.

Based on what type of kundli you create, your kundli can change :-))

You hv opened the discussion of the basic query at the right time as we have got a whole 5(Modi) years of stock market prosperity(long/short) ahead!!

Better start with RSI and EMA, (MACD may be after these two).

Relative Strength Index above 70% (I trust only above 90%) is conveying that the Stock price is about to fall anytime from now.

RSI value of less than 30% (I look for 10% or less) says that the stock price is about to rise anytime from now.

Watch these indices and try to predict the price movement before entering into a trade.

If the RSI is 90% and you are trying to buy the stock, then you are doing a very risky trade, and vice versa.

Secondly, try to see Exponential Moving Average crossovers and understand them. If you find your grip on it, then move on to MACD along with EMA, MACD could give a bit of advanced warning than normal EMA.


For prediction we have to read and watch the market daily and keep eye on the stock price regularly then we can predict…


read economic news like p/l, agm of a particular scrip, events like elections, economic reforms, if you look for a particular scrip you should study p/l of every quarter of year to year end. See special events like AGM/EGM, ANNOUNCEMENT Of a company/stock equity! Some times crude oil dip, dollar vs rupees fall affects market lot especially in financial sectors.

gut feeling? so should we invest simply based on our baseless expectations? does a stock price change without any reason? analysis like technical and fundamental? yeah I’m asking about these kinda things…What things can we use to predict the price movement ( though our predictions may or may not happen) :slight_smile: