How come I able to take NFO-OPT instrument to live strategy under basic plan?

Today I subscribed to basic plan of Streak but I am able to take NFO-OPT instrument under live strategy which is not included in that plan. How is this possible?

I am able to do this via Streak mobile app only but when I go to webapp and search this strategy it is not showing up under discover section.

Also how come I am able to take expired contract to live strategy?

Although if I go to add the available opt contracts it will throw the validation.

@Streak can you.

This is because you have deployed a discover strategy, and the system currently does not restrict deploying based on the segment/exchange for discover strategies, but if you try to run backtest, or change contracts or create/modify strategy the plan restrictions apply.
But note this can change, so for reliably using the plan features, make sure you have chosen the right plan.