How come there were more than 20k quantity bids(multiple orders) for Antony Waste before even listing?

  1. I have added the stock in the Market Watch and was watching from 9 AM. In market depth I could see the Bid prices was 551.25 at the top and in Offer 236 at the top(in the pre market session).

How come the offer price was 236 when the issue price was 315. Isn’t the offer price is the price that shareholders trying to sell the shares at maximum?

  1. How come within a fraction of seconds there were more than 20k quantity through multiple orders? Is it possible to do AMO yesterday when the listing is today?

  2. When the open prices is calculated as at 436 I tried to place order but it was rejected again and again. (It was idle) when it started to change it was in 470? What exactly would have happened in this time?

Can someone explain these?

@siva @Bhuvan @ShubhS9

On the listing day of IPO, there is a pre-open session for price discovery for the first 45 minutes from 9:00 AM till 9:45 AM, in this period you can place, modify and cancel the orders, from 9:45 to 9:55 there is an order matching period (you cannot place any orders in this period), from 9:55 AM to 10:00 AM there is a buffer period.

Normal trading resumes from 10:00 AM, from then onwards you can place orders.

AMO will not be possible.

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During pre open the offer /bid are reversed so one sees quotes like that.

One can place AMO today(listing day) after 7 am before market open but not yesterday.

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@siva many thanks for the information regarding AMO.

Assuming that we can place AMO after 7am today(listing Day for Antony).

  1. Can we able to add the stock in MarketWatch to place bids on listing Day from 7am to 9am?

  2. At what price should we bid? Antony opened at 430+.
    Assuming I placed the order at 350(issue 315) what is the probability of getting executed?

You can add onto market watch but can’t put trades before 9.


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@siva @ShubhS9 thank you so much for the contribution. I gave a thought about what you said and while doing it I got few counter questions.

  1. If the bid and offer were reversed. At top I saw 551.25ra as Bid and 236rs as Offer… if reversed it will be 551.25rs Offer and 236rs Bid and it means that people are ready to pay 551rs for a share. If I placed a order at 551rs and Anthony opened at 436. At what price my limit order will get placed? 551 or 436 bec I will be losing the difference right?

  2. If the market depth is showing the best offer price at more than 500rs, how can we determine a best offer price before opening since it is opened at 436? What caused it to go down?

Can check this faq on pre open session.

436, see that faq to understand.

You can’t.

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