How come USDINR 18 JAN FUT is still trading?

What I see on NSE is 29-01-2018 and on kite it is 18Jan FUT
I’m new to futures.
Can anybody tell me what exactly is happening here?
Thank you!

18 here refers to year 2018, Jan refer to monthly contract. Expiry for currencies will be two business days prior to month end.

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Thanks very much @siva

’ USDINR18JANFUT’ is the trading symbol. Unfortunately none of the Derivative trading symbols on NSE has ExpiryDate to depict except Weekly BankNifty contracts. Brokers should inform NSE to make it uniform across all.

It is known fact for all monthly contracts expiry would be last thursday of that particular month, for currencies it would be two working days prior to last day of month. If one want to see the exact date, it can be viewed on market depth.

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Not all last thursday’s in a month r expiry days & not all last two working days prior is currency expiry. Derivative expiry days change based on trading holidays, RBI n Bank holidays. Why wud anyone has to open Calendar or Market-depth to check expiry day? If the date also is made part of trading symbol, it wud be very much convenient n avoid confusion.
Also, from developer point of view , it wud become easy to handle if it is uniform across all contracts.

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