How did you control your emotions as a beginner?

When getting into trade or when I’m in trade I’m always running high on emotions, when taking position I go through fear of losing money and when in position it’s fear of giving away profits.

I just want to know from experienced traders how did you deal with emotions at the beginning or when you were rookie. Any advices most welcome. Thank you.

No advices will help. After losses you will automatically control your emotions. Learn before wipeout

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you can only control your emotions by following discipline, follow the rules , trade with target and stop loss always, do not blindly take the trade , invest only 10 % of the total capital in the beginning .
do not take intraday trades with high leverage in the beginning , intraday can surely cost you precious money. do short term investing in the beginning . learn you must but without losing your capital. good luck.


It is natural to express fear and greed. No other way to it. What matters is if we violate our own trading rules when exposed to fear and greed. Our journey into trading, if we want to sustain is to not violate our trading rules and stick to it.

When you begin trading, always use a small capital which you can afford to lose (and learn in the process). Most of us (if not all) will probably will blow up that initial capital. It is through this process where our emotions of fear and greed are exposed to us losing initial capital, that we start finding discipline in our approach.

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Guys, did you come to make money or get them free?
My goal is to triple a deposit in a month. And then I calculate how much profit I should have per day.
I never take an order more than 10% of the deposit.

I trade in plus, and for a long time I have not fallen for the excitement of the game.