How do fund managers pay themselves?

Well, i do understand the management fees. w.r.t Assets under management. But do they create liquidity for paying themselves? Is it by holding % cash always? or they sell assets?

I think they always have some cash, for redemption. So they may be taking their salaries from this pile. Also, the new funds from investors may not always get deployed immediately, so this could be another source.

And I think these are pure inside things, unless this has been mentioned in public domain.

Yes, even i can’t find information on this. I am trying to understand this so that I can develop a business plan for an AIF in the future. Can i find detailed information on AIF setup anywhere?

If you have such big plans of developing a business plan for AIFs, then you must go to the depths of knowledge. SEBI or some other regulatory body must have created a framework for this.