How do I add a nominee to my demat account while opening an account by signing using Aadhar, I don't see it on my digitally signed form?

I am trying to open an account online by signing using AADHAR. I want to add nominee to my demat account, I don’t see it on my digitally signed form. Why? How do I add now?

Nominee form is an additional form which will have to be downloaded from the account opening dashboard (where you used AADHAR to e-sign), printed, signed and couriered back to us. Once we receive the courier, we will update the nominee details.
Nominee form contains witness signatures which can’t be e-signed, hence this form is kept as an additional form.


is there a charge for nominee addition as i have been charged Rs 59 for the same in my ledger. please clarify

Any modifications to your Demat account(change of address/change of bank details/addition of nominee) is charged at Rs.25+GST per modification. This is mentioned on the Demat account tariff sheet.