How do I apply for the CDSL IPO?

Can someone explain how do I apply for the CDSL IPO from my Zerodha account?

The IPO of CDSL opens today and closes on 21st June. It is offering 3.5 crore equity shares in the price band of 145 - 149 per share to raise Rs. 524 crore at the higher end of the price band.

About CDSL.
CDSL along with NSDL is one of the two leading depositories in India. A Depository facilitates holding of securities in the electronic form and enables securities transactions to be processed by book entry. CDSL has over 12.4 million Beneficial Owner (BO) accounts and 589 registered Depository Participants (DP).

BSE is the biggest shareholder followed by BOI, BOB, SBI and others.

To apply for the CDSL IPO through Zerodha, follow these easy steps.

Check out this poll to see if others are investing in the IPO.

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What is IPO and what will happen if I buy it. Seeing lots of happening in CDSL IPO. Also what is the process in SBI. I have seen it but SBI is not allowing me to write Name, PAN etc etc its blank. Also whats the BID 1,2 and 3?

Check this module on Varsity to know more about an IPO. The process to apply for any IPO in SBI has been explained here.

For evey IPO you can submit 3 bids in the defined price band, in this case, Rs.145 - 149. If you are expecting the issue to be oversubscribed you can place a single bid at the higher price band because that will become the cut off price post the issue close. But if you think the issue won’t be oversubscribed you can place multiple bids at the lower price bands. The difference between the application and cutoff price will be refunded back to you,

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