How do I apply for the NFO of Bharat 22 ETF?


Hi @Bhuvanesh
Thanks for ur reply. another query. After getting the ETF units in my demat can I sell those units any day in market, or is there some kind of locking period for holding those units before redeem? Actually I don’t have any idea on ETF…so may be a silly question… :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, ETFs are just like stocks. You can buy/sell them anytime you wish to.



When we will Receive Mails @Bhuvanesh


You should be getting the email with the details tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Okay, Thank you so much. :+1:


Hi, I am new to trading and hence zerodha too.
Wanted clarification regarding, applying for Bharat 22 ETF.
If I apply for ₹10000/- then, the money I have to pay via my kite account or I can pay by netbanking directly. Do mention the transaction charges too for paying money while applying for ETF.
Or the money will be deducted after allotment?


You know the Answer.
Payment will be done from Trading Account which is Kite.


May I know about the payment process,Is it possible to pay from other bank expect kite such as non-zerodha account registered bank.


Can someone explain how the pricing of Bharat 22 etf will be decided?
Will it be at 3 percent discount to today’s index price or listing day’s price?


Nope, the funds will be deducted from your trading account.


Check this post


Is the email about Bharat 22 ETF sent out by Zerodha to its Kite customers?


Here is the link to apply -

Any View on Bharath 22 ETF for long term

How come we know whether it is placed for futures or options (Because it is named NFO)?
(If the question is correct)


How the ETF units are allotted to applicants? In case of over-subscription does it follow the IPO allotment process?
In case I will not get any allotment then how will I get the application amount back? Will it be refunded in my trading account in Zerodha? Please confirm.


NFO stands for “New Fund Offer”. :slight_smile:


So it’s not derivative :grimacing:


Can i pledge it for margin in zerodha


Hi Bhuvanesh.
Thanks for giving information.

In the link which u have given… it is written that fund should be available in ur account… This account referes to what?

  1. is it a bank account which is linked to demat account. or
  2. demat account

simply from where the money will be deducted.?

Kindly reply