How do I choose a broker?

Hey guys,
can you share your experience of how did you choose a broker and what analytic services or software is best to use?

Cost, tech, customer support, execution speed & reliability.

How is Dhan’s tech compared to Zerodha?

With the risk of getting flagged or delisted,

“Better than the best” except certain elements of the backoffice frontend.

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According to you, who provides best services for bigger capital traders? I don’t have such capital, but want to know.

I chose Icici Direct because it belongs to Icici Group. Icici direct has a tie up with Icici bank and my money is kept with my bank and when I invest, it gets debited unlike few broker where the float money is parked with them. I want the broker to do what they are supposed to do and not keep my money. I should have access to my money at any point of time. When I am investing my hard earned capital, which is into thousands, brokerage is not a concern at all, but safety and integrity matters.

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Still the same broker. If you have unused funds you can park it with liquid instruments. Also with xxxx withdrawals are quick and easy without overnight delay.

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  1. Integrity of broker’s management.
  2. Reliability/stability of tech platform
  3. Cost, speed, features, etc…