How do i feed Spot data into excel

How do i feed spot Nifty bank nifty data into excel…any ways to find it?

i want to use it in excel and amibroker.

to feed live data in excel

run zerodha trader as administrator and also create one excel file and open it as administrator

go to zerodha trader market watch , right click and select link to excel then

go to excel and press CTRL+V

you will get live data feeds of your market watch in excel

if you have any DDE plugin created you can take data to your amibroker as backfilling

do you want to backfill in excel and feed data to amibroker?

sorry for late comment…i know the above…infact i take nest feed of all the crip to excel and then to amibroker…my question was SPOT data…where i can find spot data in nest and if needed the calculation cand be done in excel or direct spot date cannot be fetched into excel?