How do i get & display of 30 mins RSI(15) in 5 Min Chart?

Hi team,

I have requirement in that i want to display RSI(15) of 30 minutes but it should display in current 5 Min chart. If you have any AFL please share it.


Pushparaj S

For the above condition check this AFLĀ 

P = ParamField( "Price field" );
periods = Param("Periods", 15, 1, 200, 1 );
Plot( RSIa( P, periods), _DEFAULT_NAME(), ParamColor( "Color", colorCycle ), ParamStyle("Style")  );

Thanks for the reply. The above lines are not addressing my requirement. Let me explain it again.

  1. Chart Time frame is : 5 Min (5 Min chart)
  2. In the above 5 min chart i want to display 30 mins RSI(15) & 5 Min RSI(15) - here 15 is periods.
    I hope it give more clear view on my requirement.