How do I get SGBs at the best price?

Wrote a blogpost here. Let me know your suggestions to improve.

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You can include a note as to the value which shall be used for computing the interest payable on the bond. I used to think that the interest would be computed on the basis of the price prevailing on the date of payment of interest. It was only on further reading, I understood that interest would be calculated on the basis of the nominal value / issue price of the bond in the primary market.

This might be relevant, especially right now, as the price of gold has increased a lot over the past few months. For example, if I had purchased 2015-Series SGBs from the secondary market, I would be paid interest on Rs. 2,684 whereas if I had purchased SGBs of the latest series from the primary market, I would be paid interest on Rs. 5,334.

This might help in selecting the most appropriate series to be bought from the secondary market.

Good point. But the difference in amount payout is so low that it hardly makes a difference. Your example will pay 33 INR vs 66 INR every 6 months…

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