How do i make use of this import button?

Hi @Streak @Hitesh_Streak

I was trying to create a basket in your technicals section, Howver while i hover on the basket i can see an import icon, when i click on it… a window would open, i tried selecting a file just to see how it works… it gave an alert saying “Select a Valid File”.

can you guide me with this?


hello @Shalini_Shankar

You can use the Import feature to add all the stocks directly from the CSV file with just few clicks.

The import file must be in CSV format to successfully upload the file. The file should have two columns, the first one as ‘Exchange’ and the second as ‘Symbol’, refer to the image below.


You can also access an example of the Nifty 50 list from the link here Nifty 50 – Google Drive

To learn more about importing baskets refer to the link below:

Hope this helps