How do I participate in the Infosys Buyback offer?

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Yes, you can sell the shares after record date since you already have buyback eligibility and then buy it back into your Demat account before you tender.

@Roopa - Can you please share the link from where I can download the form?

The tender form will be sent to your registered email id by the RTA.

I have some holdings of Infy. I would like to participate in the buyback process. Please let me know the process.

This is the process:

Hi Roopa,

Can you help me that whether Infosys has already started emailing to shareholders and if YES what would be the email from which TENDER offer will be received


I am having 5000 Infosys shares. What could be the buy back ratio, in my case ?

I am having Infosys share , and I am interested in buyback so how can I apply for buyback

@SHARAD_CHOPRA, No one has reported of receiving the tender form from Infy. This could take upto 2 weeks from record date 1 Nov. The RTA will send you the tender form to your email with an email something like ‘Infosys Letter of Offer’

@JOJIZACH You will fall under the HNI category. Depending on the quota set aside for HNI, your entitlement ratio will be calculated and mentioned in your tender form. Infosys will compulsorily buy back your entitled shares but if you tender more than that, then whether the additional shares will be accepted or not will depend on the number of HNI investors applying for the buyback.

@Harshal1 If you bought Infy shares on 30 Oct or before, then you are eligible for the buyback. You’ll receive a tender form to your registered email soon. Then you’ll have to follow the process mentioned above.


I know this isnt the correct forum, but I still want to post this question here as it is related to Infy and around the similar record date as the buy back offer.

The question is regarding the interim dividend offered by Infy.

Suppose if I bought shares ( huge qty) on 30th Oct to participate in the buy back offer. I am sure I am eligible for it. However, Infy had declared an Interim dividend of 13/- which works out to more than 13K INR in my case. I want to since I bought the shares on 30th Oct, will I be receiving this dividend or not. I am aware of the concept of ex-date, record date etc. However, when i check economic times, it is mentioning that the ‘Effective Date’ is 31st oct. Now, I dont understand what is effective date in the case of dividends. Is it the ex-dividend date or the record date itself.?

The reason I am writing this big explanation is - on 31st the price of the Infy share went down to the extent (in fact more than it) of the dividend of 13/- in comparison to the previous day which as per the definition implies that it is the Ex-Date. But I would like a confirmation from the experts on this forum.

Thanks in advance.

Since you bought shares on 30 Oct, the shares will be credited to your Demat end of 1 Nov which is the record date. So you are eligible for the interim dividend. The RTA will credit the dividend directly to your bank account and this could take upto 2 weeks from record date.

1 Nov was record date and a day before 31 Oct was the ex-dividend date. You have to buy before ex-date to be eligible for the dividend.

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Dear Mr.Srinivas !!!
i am holding 65 shares of Infosys. Am I eligible for buyback? If yes, till today i have not recieved any tender form to participate in buy back .
Could you pls. advice me as to wait for the email or any other way?
Thanks in advance !!!

Yes, you are eligible for the buyback if you bought the shares on or before 30 Oct. The RTA will send the tender form to your registered email. This could take upto 2 weeks from the record date, you’ll have to wait for it.

I have infy shares worth 2.02 Lakh Rupees (as on record date i.e. 1 Nov) , someone said i fall under HNI since the amount is greater then 2 Lakh, if i make it below two lakh by selling 3-4 shares well before tendering it e.g. tomorrow, …in this case would i fall under retail…?


No, if you sell shares now, you will still be considered an HNI investor. Your Infy value should’ve been <2lacs as of 1 Nov for you to apply as a retail investor.

You can still tender shares as an HNI. Based on the HNI shareholding pattern and HNI quota, you will be entitled accordingly in your tender form.

I have received Interim Dividend yesterday, any idea when i will receive offer of Buy Back mail.

between 10-15 november

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Hey all, I called Infy investor services and they confirmed that it takes 15 to 20 days from record date to roll out the tender forms. They’re waiting for a final SEBI approval they said. Ideally, you should all get your tender forms next week like Tarun said.

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