How do i save my workout layout

how do i save my work layout, for example i want to trade on a dual monitor and on the second monitor after creating a market watch i know how to pop out active windows like charts, admin position , news reader but after arranging them i want to save them so that it opens the same way the next time i open that market watch… i tried save layout on exit from user settings but that doesnt help.


if you have selected the save layout on exit in user settings,the layouts will be saved. i have verified it is saving & working fine to me, you can split the screen with order book etc.,and save that layout as shown in the below screenshot

the popout windows or chart windows can not be saved as of now.

hello trader,

Saving the layout for dual monitor setup is not possible on Pi.

This is an old thread but still seems relevant for me.
Is the save layout option working with latest Pi (v1.0.0.6) ?

In my case, the user setting does not seem to take effect. After application restart the views are as in default view.
Also the user settings as well are not as changed. The checkboxes seem to be reset to the default.