How do I scan scripts with day periodicity


I see scanning facility available in PI for min & hr periodicity which are used for intraday trading.
I am looking for scanner/explorer which runs on EOD data with periodicity of 1 day and 5 days, either in PI or Kite in any Zerodha tool.

I want to find medium term/long term trend and maturity of the trend using this.
Simple example is like I want the scripts whose RSI for 1 day>70% and RSI for 5 day>70% and RSI for 10 days> 70%.

Please share your thoughts & ideas.

Thanks in advance,

Screening using daily candles is not supported on both platforms.

Thanks for your reply.
Any workaround, like getting EOD data for a group of scripts for a duration of 4-5 months and then exporting to excel followed bycalculating in excel.
The question is:

  1. How to get 4-5 days EOD data for a group of scripts
  2. How to take those data to excel.

This is not practical on excel, since the RSI calculated on Excel is not smoothed and does not match with the RSI indicator that you see on charts.

Simpler solution will be amibroker.

Thank you very much.
As you suggested, I would like check the amibroker; would you tell me how I can get access to it.