How do US payroll figures affect the Indian stock markets

people always tend to watch the US payroll figures, what inference can be drawn from these figures. in context to the indian stock markets.

It does not have a direct impact on Indian markets.

US payroll figures mainly conveys the number of paid US workers in the US. This is generated on a monthly basis. A positive surge in the payroll number is +ve to for the US economy, hence the US indices are likely to go up…and this has +ve impact on world markets. Likewise, a de-growth in US payroll is -ve for the US economy and tends to lower the US indices, and therefore the world markets.

Having said that, the impact is not very significant. It is more like a ‘feel good’ factor.

The US payroll data is released by the U.S. Department of Labor. it basically shows the unemployment rate in the US. The most important data point of the payroll data is the non-farm payroll. It is released on the first Friday of the month. The non-farm data show the total number of paid workers across businesses excluding government jobs, private household jobs, nonprofit organization employees and farm employees.

Why do people track this?
This shows the health of the US economy. The US unemployment rate as of the last release was 4.8%, so this essentially means that the US economy is close to full employment. This data on its own doesn’t tell much, this is one fundamental data point that people track.

As traders, this data can impact the movement of US markets dueing the night and by extension, it can have some impact on the Indian markets when they open the next day.

After Trump win and Demonetisation Indian markets are in decontrolled state. It is the media which highlights that world market news , if media have enough domestic fodder the effect of World market may not be that significant.

This is evident since 20 December 2016.

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