How do we transfer shares from one demat account to another?


Shares and debentures in your demat account can be transferred to another demat account by issuing appropriate instructions to your depository participant (DP) through delivery instruction slip (DIS). If you sell your securities through the stock exchange, you will instruct your DP to transfer shares from your demat account to the brokers’ pool account. In case of off market transaction, you will instruct your DP to transfer to the concerned buyer’s demat account.

Similarly, securities can be transferred to your demat account by the instruction of the seller (transferor) to his DP. The seller will have to mention your demat account number in the DIS (delivery instruction slip).

The DIS (delivery instruction slip) book is similar to a cheque book and it needs to be handled with the same care as a cheque book. Accordingly, you will always store the DIS book in a safe place in your custody and not hand over signed blank DIS to anybody


Whenever you wanted to transfer your shares from DP to another, the delivery instruction slip (DIS) book is mandatory

suppose if you have an demat account with “X” broker those shares you willing to transfer to “Z” broker, you need to visit the X office with DIS book in that slip you have to fill the your shares details along with isin number & Z broker DP id also, it will take maximum 24 hours to transfer, for transferring of shares broker’s may charge for this


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All the answers are OK but How can we transfer shares from Zerodha linked DP account to other account as Zerodha office is only at Bangluru & they are not providing any DIS form/slip. Please reply.


you can drop an email to [email protected], they will send you a request form for the DIS booklet, you can fill that and courier the hardcopy to the Zerodha headoffice in Bangalore on the following address
Zerodha, #153/154, 4th Cross, Dollars Colony, Opp. Clarence Public School, J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore - 560078, Karnataka, India
Once they get this request, they will despatch you a DIS booket(containing 10 leaves, this first booklet is free, subsequent booklets will be charged at Rs.100 for booklet of ten leaves) to the communication address registered with Zerodha.
You will have to fill the DIS as per guidelines on this link

Attach a copy of the CMR(Client master report) of the beneficiary demat account and send them to the bangalore address mentioned above.

Do not that the CMR copy has to be a recent one and also stamped and signed by the Depository participant where you have the beneficiary demat account.

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Is it possible to transfer an NCD (DEBENTURES) from 1 demat to another?

Yes you can. The process is same as transferring shares, explained in detail here.

I am having Locked in YES BANK shares. can i transfer those as well to another account?

You can transfer shares in lock-in by doing closure-cum-transfer. There is a topic where there has been discussion on this, you can check it out: Transfer of Locked in Yes bank shares from NSDL to CDSL

Assuming my AVG BUYING price of YES BANK is Rs.65. When I transfer the shares to another demat account will it be transferred on the AVG price Purchased i.e Rs.65 or the CURRENT MARKET PRICE?

When you transfer shares, it will show as Discrepant in your holdings, you will have to manually add the price at which you bought the shares. You can learn more about this here.

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The account holder should be the same or can transfer to any other individual account?

Its a very simple process you have fill out DIS (delivery instruction system) this book is provided to you by your broker

Can i gift or transfer NCD online. Please confirm

Using gifting feature on Console, you can only gift securities that are part of the approved list. You can check it here.

Alternatively, you can use CDSL Easiest for transferring holdings. You can check out the process here.