How do you choose stocks for swing trading(2-10 days)?

I have studied zerodha’s varsity by heart but yet I find difficult to screen the stocks for next day lookup. Though the method mentioned in varsity seems promising, I being a new trader find it difficult to implement.( Watching 50 stocks chart daily and then filtering). I would like to ask you how do you choose stocks for swing trading ? And how beneficial the process has been for you till date ? Would love to see your inputs.



Use a screener (on Chartink or similar site) based on what you have learnt in Varsity and run it before closing bell and take position as explained in Varsity.
Do also read module 9 if you have not yet done so.

How do you use a screener?

it’s like a theory class, but before taking any position you must also understand the practicals of the market

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I think Zerodha also released a scanner “Screener by Smallcase”

I think this would suit you perfectly. Heck the author even starts with saying how he faced the same problem as you did.

And its also very modern , smart and efficient. Does the job nicely.

From another perspective Streak which is also released by Zerodha can be tremendously helpful as it will help you to sort out the stocks according to many technical indicators and their various permutation and combination. Yes its an algo platform which actually gives it the edge you need to trade multiple stocks.

Ok, but what kind of practical aspect you’re taking about ? Can you be some more specific ?


one must assume and see, how the stock or index will behave on different situations.

stock market is all about this, fundamental and technical both are based on assumption.