How do you get motivated to trade the next day if on the previous day your capital is wiped out by 10%

Day 0: at the end of the day, you have made some losses and your 10-15% capital is wiped out.
Day 1: OHH- I have to get up and sit in front of the screen again? How do I motivate myself not only to recoup losses but also to make money at the end of the month?
This must have happened to may great traders on Zerodha. Could anyone share the anecdotes?
Thank you in advance.


It’s doesn’t matter how much profit or loss you made today. What matters is you followed a process or not.


Thats not the biggest problem even, the bigger problem is next day u will see an obvious trade and still wont take it due to fear, and it will turn out to be a good trade that u missed

You should always be on the offense in the market, but with discipline and risk management

Also, it helps if u dont lose more than what you expected. If you lost 10%, you should have been ready for that, its not like market shocked u with that loss.

If market shocked u , then change your trading style.



you don’t EVER lose 10-15% on your first day. if you do , then trading is clearly not for you.

The very basics of risk mgmt says to keep risk with in your comfort zone. Typical numbers are anywhere from 0.1-1%/trade.

Now if 10-15% is your comfort zone , then you shouldn’t have any problem getting up next day to trade.

Win or lose of single trade should not affect you in any way. If it does, then you have a long long way to go.


lol dude dont trade the next day if you have such a big loss take few days off work on your strategy again or make one cause no strategy allows for such a big loss just relax and trade after few days


nice strategy. Nurse your wounds, refocus your energy, wait for appropriate time and then strike.

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what if you lose another 10-15% after you strike?

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In trading ,a loss is always taken into consideration.One of the biggest problem is to holding that loosing trade for a long time or averaging it.

The trader should always believe there is a profitable trade waiting for him,if he gets rid of the loosing trade.


Wow!! I am going to hang your Quote on my wall: A trader should always believe there is a profitable trade just around the corner, if he gets rid of the loss making one"! really positive philosophy, provided one also studies the market more.
Thank you

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U are probably in a phase where u r starting to experience fear and panic reaction ( mostly doing stupid things out of fear)

Everytrader have to go thro this phase. successful one move on to next. Others drop out. The key here is over coming fear. To overcome fear of loss u have to go thro it. Meaning suffering small, managable losses and undergoing the psychological stress associated with it. This stress and sleepless nights are ultimate teachers. But suffering huge losses will shock, freeze the trader and leave them with no capital. Therefore u need to learn to cut losses early. Once u master cutting losses early, u will progress to next stage.


what kind of sl is 10% bro ??///???/


Thanks for the encouraging post. “Successful ones move on to the next phase”… Could you please elaborate on the next phase?

Thanks in advance…

4 Levels of trading

Level 2 is where traders need to overcome fear, settle down in their own strategy, plan, position size, risk management etc


I’m new to trading where should i start?

its a step to step guide for all the traders
how to select stock
which strategy works better in which market and much more


Nice work. Thanks for sharing.

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  1. Consider yourself you are playing with loss making machine.
  2. Before playing with loss making machine you should know your capability of gain (profit) or loss (sl).
  3. If your 10-15% part of the game then next should be normal for you.
  4. If those 10-15% not part your strategy then belive me day by it will reduce near ‘0’ zero.
  5. Let, no. 4 is appropriate for you then, start paper trade quite real trading or stop future & option and do Cash/equity with quantity ‘1’ and make a real habit with the loss making machine until you find a winning way.

When you’re able to communicate how you feel, you’re able to discover more about yourself. Learning from your mistakes is also a very strong motivation. In trading, should always be ready for major loses. Remind yourself what motivated you in the past and loss is a part of life.

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I do not know how to help you.
I have already learned not to pay attention to losses. If I win, I am not happy; if I lose, I am not upset. I try to become a more successful player and to increase my winning percentage every time. But I will not be upset if something went wrong.

Forget that you lost on the previous day.